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We should be grateful and proud to be Malays.....

We should be grateful and proud to be Malays.....

Dia ni jer yang malu jadi Melayu.....

After all, this is our own motherland...we deserve to be the lord here....diorang tak mengaku pun Malaysia ni tanah leluhur mereka..tapi mereka buat2 tak ingat pulak  siapa imigran sebenarnya...

If they say that NEP is no longer essential for us, what has they been doing to help the
Malays to stand on their own?

What are their innitiatives? Nothing...except to press us lower.

In the other hand, we Malays should alter our attitudes and behaviours...
start thinking like them, start working like them and  start behaving like them...
with God's help, we would achieve better than what they have now...
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By Syed Akbar Ali OutSyed The Box
Well thank you everyone for sending your comments to my Blog about 'The One & Only Problem In Malaysia'. I have received over 154 comments (and still coming).
I have read almost all the comments. They are wide ranging. What disappoints me is that there are only few of the comments (from all sides) which seem to be genuinely interested in helping the Malays and ourselves - all our people.

Here is my favorite short story. There was a monkey sitting in a tree by a stream. The monkey spied a fish caught in the reeds in the stream (or so the monkey thought). Being a good natured creature and wanting to help the distressed fish, the monkey went down the tree, picked up the fish, climbed back up the tree and put the fish down right beside him on a branch. Of course the fish died. The monkey thought he was doing the fish a favour.

If it happens just once, maybe its ok (one fish less). But if all monkeys behaved like this, fish will be wiped out. To all Malays, Chinese, Indians and others out there - do not give monkey solutions to help fish. It wont work.

Coming back to what I wrote, it is quite obvious that we can all clearly see the problems easily. Banyak complain. It is easy to complain. But we are all in this boat together. We need solutions. Recognising the root of the problem is the first step. Unfortunately I dont think we have recognised the root of the problem. Reading some of the comments, many people are in plain denial mode.

Even if we are not in this boat together (some of you are commenting from outside the country) we still need to help our fellow human beings. This is our own species we are talking about. We can join up "Save The Whales". But on the way, lets stop to "Save Human Beings First". Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Iban are all human beings. Who is going to save us the human beings? It has to be us.

What is the point of watching the news on TV about some disaster affecting human beings in some far away country and then being moved to organise money, aid, help etc for the affected human beings in far away lands when there are our own human beings in our own country who also need our help? Let us make our own backyards and frontyards better first before we go off to "Save the Planet".

If we had all stopped to help each other from the beginning, then our country will not be in this type of predicament. Lets start helping those who need help. And there is no such thing as one size fits all. We must help people to suit their different needs and circumstances.

Then some of you "pejuang Melayu" have staunchly defended that ALL Malays are just as good in IT, car repair, house renovation etc. While we pray for this statement to come true, we must also take the right steps to make sure that this hope will come true as soon as possible. Some of you have accused me of being racist pula. I think one commenter got it right when he said 'Dr Mahathir has been saying this for 40 years'. He is certainly referring to "The Malay Dilemma". Yes bro. And I am saying the same thing too.

I got a call telling me that someone had posted a reply to me in another Blog ! !

Kita perlu dewasa dalam menangani isu masa depan kita. Jangan kita membuang masa menang sorak saja. Dan jangan pula kita bodoh sombong. Bodoh, tapi tak tahu bodoh, lepas itu sombong pula. What a terrible fate.

No matter what is our race or religion in this country, our objective must be this : it is better to have richer neighbours than poorer neighbours. Logically, richer neighbours may be less envious of you, may not complain as much about your wealth, may not plot to steal from you, may not riot in the streets, may not complain to Queen Elizabeth etc. So let us help to make our neighbours richer. Dr Mahathir called it "Prosper Thy Neighbour".

Another objective : it is better to have better educated neighbours than less educated neighbours. Better education of course must mean a quality education. I think there is a consensus that better educated people make for better friends, husbands, wives, citizens, human beings, workers, managers etc. Education is the most valuable commodity on the surface of the earth. So lets educate our neighbours to a level better than us. (If to a level lesser than us, then there will be no progress lah - obvious isnt it).

And that is why we still need Affirmative Action. That is why we still need the NEP. Most of you non Malays agree that the Malays are still not there yet when it comes to competing freely. Most of you agree to this, all across the board. Not just the Malays, all the bumiputras too cannot yet fully compete in an open and free economy.

I have a wider view. In my view nearly all Muslims in all Muslim countries cannot compete either - I blame it on the religious interpretations too. Do read my book "Malaysia & The Club of Doom, the collapse of the Islamic countries". To back this up, I would like to reproduce a short comment that came in from KSA? (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?) Here is the comment:

"its the same problem here in KSA. ur article could be about KSA." Kingdom man
Saturday, September 18, 2010 6:34:00 PM

Non competitive behaviour can most definitely be identified with race but it has nothing to do with racial DNA. It has to do with culture, traditions and religion (and language to some extent) which can really dent a people's attitude and their competitiveness. This problem can be changed.

Having agreed that the Malays and the bumiputras cannot yet compete in a free and open economy (this is what the Perkasa boys are saying hence the insistence that the NEP continue unabated, no "meritocracy" in university intakes etc) let me summarise what we SHOULD NOT DO. 'Equal treatment of people in unequal circumstances tantamounts to inequality'. This is a very true statement. We should not be doing that.

Allow me to cite another example. Despite being around from before the trees that grow on their land, the Orang Asli hide behind trees when they see you coming. They are a peaceful but very shy people. I have seen this many times. Once in Gambang in Pahang, we surprised an Orang Asli woman who was washing by a pond. She dropped everything she had with her and fled into the trees.

So we should not go to the Orang Asli and say 'Now we have the National Land Code. Under the National Land Code, you must pay Quit Rent for all these lands. If you dont pay Quit Rent, then we will confiscate your land and auction it off to other people.'

For certain the Orang Asli will not be able to pay Quit Rent. They would not even understand what it means. I am happy that now (after such a very very long time) the Malaysian Courts are giving more regard to the plight of the Orang Asli and their "traditional lands". In Sabah and Sarawak, the Native Land Enactments serve to protect the native lands better (or they should) but that too is being abused by clever people.

We cannot just apply the National Land Code, "meritocracy", or "Malaysian Malaysia" which will most certainly drive the Orang Asli off their land. That will be gross "trickery". If we apply the same rules to the Orang Asli, they will lose hands down. Please remember : "equal treatment of people in unequal circumstances tantamounts to inequality".

This is what the British did to the Malays in Province Wellesley (and other places) in the early days of British colonialism.

The British wanted to open land for their nutmeg plantations in Province Wellesley (Seberang Prai). They did not have enough manpower, plus they wanted to save money. So they first got Malays to clear vast acreages of land in Province Wellesley - by promising them land title rights and farming assistance. The kampong Malays were happy.

So the Malays cleared the jungle. Then the British said, we will now survey your land and give you a piece of paper, a title - to your land so that you may have ownership. Then no one can claim your land. The Malays were overjoyed too.

Then the British told the Malays, you must now pay Quit Rent for every land title that you have. This stumped the poor Malays. Then the British said 'you must pay the Quit Rent in Spanish Silver Dollars only' (which was the currency available in this part of the world at that time - but not in huge quantity). The Malays really had problems here. They were simple village folk who had little experience with Spanish Silver Dollars (masa itu tak ada mamak money changer).

Then finally the British said, you must pay the Quit Rent in Spanish Silver Dollars at the Land Office which is across the water on Prince of Wales Island (Penang Island). It was bureaucratic red tape. To cut the story short, the Malays did not pay the Quit Rent, the British confiscated their land titles and sold the nicely cleared land to the British plantation companies. (I read this in a book written by a slightly remorseful Mat Salleh colonial.) The province Wellesley Malays got taken for a ride and lost their lands too.

It was British trickery. They made the rules and so they knew the rules were to their advantage. The Malays would definitely lose the cleared lands. It was "equal treatment of people in unequal circumstances." The result was completely inequality.

So we cannot just harp on 'meritocracy', 'Malaysian Malaysia' and such because you, me and everyone else knows what that means : the Chinese, the Ceylon Tamils, the Malayalis, the Gujeratis and Sindhis will win hands down. They will own all the wealth in the land in no time. Why? Because the Malays and the bumiputras still cannot compete.

The Malays, the Sabah & Sarawak bumiputras and even the estate Tamils will all get totally left behind. (Like the situation in this country before 1970). "Equal treatment of people in unequal circumstances tantamounts to inequality."

So lets drop the subject. It will not work. But I can hear you asking : "So sampai tua kah, we implement the NEP, bend over backwards, take a step back and wait? Until when? 2020? 2050? 2100? I dont know how long this will take.

Someone asked for solutions. If I tell you some of my solutions, they may charge me under the Sedition Act again. Some of the solutions have got to do with religion. And religion is always 'sensitive, sensitive, sensitive'. So that part rugi lah, I cannot speak freely about religion. When anyone - not just me ok - cannot speak freely (about anything, not just about religion), we can also become poor. You can thank yourselves for that.

Do recall what I said, its not just the Malays in Malaysia - all Islamic countries suffer major problems. They are backward. They are in the Club of Doom. Bodoh sombong. If you are a Muslim in an Islamic country anywhere on the surface of this earth, chances are very high that you are either poor or living off easy (oil) money that you did not earn. Proof : look at the oil producing Arab countries, us, Somalia, Southern Thailand etc. (Someone mentioned negara Islam in Central Asia - what about them? Formerly poor Islamic countries, swallowed by communist Russia, now back to Islam / secular / communist / dictatorship whatever).

The only Muslims who are getting on quite well in life are Muslims living in kafir countries like US, UK, Australia or Germany. Even underwear yang kita pakai pun orang kafir yang buat (Crocodile, Polo, Pagoda, Hommes, Byford).

But lets deal with our own country Malaysia first. Everyone needs to chip in. We can certainly shorten the process if we all pull together to move the Malays and bumiputras as quickly up the learning curve as possible. (Why 'we all'? Because we all live here together lah. That is why.) And there are a million different ways to do this.

Here is just one idea : we must call upon the Chinese. Has any Chinese tycoon (hello Tan Sri Vincent Tan & friends) or Chinese conglomerate set up any kind of structured program to train bumiputra management executives? A well structured 'Management Training Program' or 'Mentorship Program' specially for bumiputra graduates? Why not?

Let me make a suggestion : why not just a few of the Chinese owned conglomerates from the likes of YTL, Berjaya, Kuok Group, Lion Group, Parkson, Tan Chong, Public Bank, IGB, Tan & Tan, Rimbunan Hijau, Boon Siew, Giant Hypermarkets, Silverstone, Genting, Bolton, Zhulian, Tek Seng, Poh Kong, White Horse, Nam Fatt, Goh Ban Huat, Ann Joo, Muda Holdings, etc initiate a 'Bumiputra Management Training Program'?

Say each year, they commit themselves to jointly take in for employment 2000 bumiputra graduates (2000 is a very very small number because the Berjaya Group alone employs over 60,000 people) to be put through a structured Five Year Apprenticeship program.

In the five years, put young graduates through every aspect of business management from front desk, marketing, finance, general management etc. At the end of five years you will have an experienced and capable bumiputra executive pool which hopefully also understands Chinese business very well.

This is one suggestion only. This is not social welfare. They must do proper work and be paid market salaries. If the Chinese business conglomerates can come together to do something like this for the Malays, it will do miracles towards building trust between all our races. This will indeed be "Malaysian Malaysia".

In five years we will have 10,000 "Chinese conglomerate" trained bumiputra executives adding to the pool of skilled bumiputra executives in our country. They will not be burning taxpayers money at the GLCs (kalau tak bagi kat Singapore, GLC belanja duit bagi kat Cina juga !! Bodoh sombong !! ) but they would learn to do business with the main business groups in Malaysia. Err..if you have not noticed, the main business groups in Malaysia are all Chinese ok.

This is "prosper thy neighbour" too. It will benefit everyone.

And when the Malay community sees the Chinese conglomerates running a specific program to give the Malays a leg up in life, surely there will be reciprocity. There will be many happy returns (on the investment). It is bound to happen.

If we pull together as a nation, sincerely willing to help each other for economic benefit (no need charity lah or social welfare) eventually there will even be less need for the NEP. And folks like Perkasa may not see threats behind every tree.

If we really want to help our people, we can think up a million ways to do it. My comments are targeted at every Malaysian. However I hope the Chinese people take note too. This is not a blame game. I am the last person on earth to blame my Chinese neighbours for all their sucesses. That would be stupid. I wish them more success. But they must realise that while they are very succesful, others are less so. Stopping to help your neighbours become more competitive will only create even more wealth.

When I was in Cambodia last week, I noticed that among the many poor people, there were huge mansions and houses which had Chinese writing over the front doors. The local guide, a Khmer, said with some envy that of 14 million people in Cambodia, about 5% or over 600,000 people were Chinese. And these 600,000 Chinese controlled all the big businesses in Cambodia. (The same applies for Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and the Phillipines. Lets just accept the fact that we live in the China Sea ok).

Maybe Cambodia too will need an NEP. Which will have its own series of pluses and minuses, just like our own NEP. The NEP has served us very well. The time has come for it to evolve seriously. Hopefully the Chinese in Cambodia will engage more closely with the Khmers (both have the Buddhist religion in common) which will result in linkages and trust that will pull up the native Khmer people quicker.

The correct word is to engage.


Anonymous said...
Changing behaviour/attitude got to do with policy. See how people behave during Shah of Iran era and Ayatollah era, how people behave during Saddam time and now, how chinese behave during Mao's era and now. I truely believe behaviour is a function of a nation's policy. Btw, while in US, i also observed the work rate of various ethnic groups,- the jews, white,hispanic, black, asian..they all are different. Also i read in National Geo...the Pakistanis farmers are wondering why they are fated to be poor and landlords are fated to be rich. Fatalism belief is strong there.AS such,they dont want to change their attitude.

Anonymous said...
here is my problem, i dont believe malays are poor. look around you. who drives big cars on the road? who dine at posh restaurant? my wife worked at one of the 5 star hotel so we knew. i dont dine there eventhough she have special discount. still too expensive. who owned big houses or villas. the govn still harping on this issues when the surrounding is so apparent shows otherwise. another thing i like to mentioned is the malays are so sensitive. i have personally experience it when i talk about your book to a good malay friend of mine, he took offence and warn me " i will do anything for my religion" i seriousy worry that he will harm me.

sam sung said...
Nothing will improve without the fundamental requirement: free criticism. This is especially so in relation to the concepts of honour (and slight) and entitlement (and iniquity). Here's a tip: lay off the santan until dinner.

allen said...
Tuan Syed, we know that you try to be contructive, but soon enough the proposed group of 2000 bumiputra graduate would form ahli surau and demand bigger surau and longer prayer break times and leave their training desk...even question the legit revenue of these chiness company; as to acquire their halal salaries, and soon enough they start leaving these companies one by one because like you'd said they have got this "ada hal kejap kat kampong" and "insyallah" that they'd be back again...and we know what happen after that.kaput! -AL

adi said...
Actually Syed, many years ago I made the same arguments in a forum among Malaysian students from some top US universities. All they do is complained about what they did not get from the government and of course the blame ends with the Malays. I tried to break the cycle of the (same) arguments by suggesting that the Chinese tycoons, conglomerate,etc... should start a campaign or project to help the Malays and Bumis in the impoverished areas. For that comment, I was called a racist . Go figure. Then in another instance, even suggested that private sectors in Malaysia should be called upon to take more responsibility towards the betterment of the community (eg: how 2 major US office supply store refuse to buy paper from countries practicing illegal logging, or Google offering a 2 million grant for the best green tech ideas, ....) . And for that I got a lecture on how I don't understand economics (of course la, aku melayu, mana boleh paham ekonomi ). And this is coming from, in their own words, creme-dela-creme. Maybe Malaysians are just a shallow bunch regardless where they graduate. Personally, I have seen many instances of Malays that changed habits after working for the Japanese. They became punctual, efficient, organized, responsible, having attention to detail,etc... So yes, taking the Malays outside the usual environment and dumping them to a foreign and positive environment, will definitely do the trick. But will those non Malay conglomerate do the things you mentioned ? Very unlikely, at least in the foreseeable future. Why ? It has to do with another major problem in Malaysia that is seldom talked about ...the Chinese Dilemma. Why would the Chinese want the Malays to prosper ? That will only create unwanted competition. Malay cronies getting them government projects and the malay dispatch boy is all they need to optimize profit for the family,clan and race. Besides, they do believe Malays are genetically inferior - so why bother. You might say that they should do it for the betterment of the entire country in the long run. And to that I would say, do not underestimate the shortsightedness of the Chinese, especially in areas outside of business (eg: China's environmental and wildlife problems, and racial riot in Indonesia could be seen coming10000 miles away). And if Melayu tak berjuang untuk Melayu, then siapa lagi ? By that I don't mean the likes of Ibrahim katak. You bringing up this issue and possible solution makes you a Pejuang Melayu.

rafa's revolution said...
Pak Syed, Dont forget fundamentals... I was bound to write it in my earleir comment then noticed my comment had to be in 3 parts.. Lol Fundamentals are key.. Let me speak of the problem then perhaps we can all then chip into the problem solving... Faimilies in urban areas are spoiling their kids. When their kids want Iphone, they get it. If their kids want Mac, their parents buy it for them... Even if they dont do well in public exams, never mind.. The parents spend like a duke to send the big time failure child to private colleges and Us. U see in this paragraph alone there are two eroding fundamentals... Let me ask this rather than me answering them 1 - Why parents of olden days or even rich parents of olden days do not spoil their kids that horribly wrong? Yes maybe rich parents do spoil their child a little bit more than a poor parent but these people are still able to grasp and comprehend the values of success and cultural believe that one has to work the freaking butt off to be successful... 2 - Education back then was far more straight forward and simpler but yet many still made the cut.. Like I said earlier, even when one fails LCE (Form 3) he or she is able to converse and speak perfect English, not only English but with their low education yet they are able to comprehend and diverse intellectually and wisely... That is why I totally disagree with removing public exams.. Public exams shud stay around and filter those who cant make the cut and something has to be done for these folks rather than just leaving them out on the streets to rot (mentah mentah fail biar pi la mampus)... Have u not heard lentur buluh rebung biar la dari rebungnya... So if u ask me what shud be done, then I believe these two shud be tackled first.. These are fundamental and these 2 dont need NEP.. simple as that.. I will get into the generation lapse much later... people of today generation Y and R too have a part to play...

Anonymous said...
we are all waiting for the day the chinese ie the entire BIG business in malaysia, will do this little training help for the malays.... tuan syed, is this ever going to happen? good constructive ideas yes, but why do we have to wait 50 years after merdeka to hear something noble like this? and it is from a SYED, not a SOI LEK or a LIM...?

Anonymous said...
I think this is what NEM is about. No more giving fish everyday. Instead it will be learning to fish. And not just to son of soils but to anyone who needs it. It is brilliant but many still insist on their daily fish. It seems they can't be bothered to fish. Too much work. The golden goose is running out of eggs.

Anonymous said...
the one and only problem is we in malaysia have so many non malays as malaysians. so many schools which are not malaysians. so many languages whgich are also not malaysians. so many cultures which are not malaysians. in INDONESIA they have only ONE race, Indonesian. Only one school, Indonesian. Only one language, Indonesian. Even in Singapore I dont see Chinese and Tamil schools and Singapore IS CHINESE.

Anonymous said...
Hahahaha.. the Chinese businessmen genuinely helping the Malay graduates? That one will NEVER happen.. However, what can happen is Chinese businessmen "help" the Malay graduates for show only.. in the background.. what's in it for me? How many times have you encountered situation "among friends" where the Chinese happily chatting in Chinese with no regard to their so-called Malay friend who can't understand what they are laughing about?. Beside "engage", I think the Chinese should be more INCLUSIVE. The minute you start to talk & laughing in Chinese.. you're basically sowing the seed of distrust. Over the years the distrust can change to animosity.. Malays don't expect the Chinese to help them.. just stop DISCRIMINATING against the Malays.. which is a rampant practice in Chinese companies.. Malaysian Malay..

Anonymous said...
Tuan Syed, your concluding piece is disppointing. One can only offer so much help to anyone to change for the better. There have been countless of blogs on steps to help the Malays. You are saying that you need more NEP. If that's the case, then forget about wanting to change attitudes. One has to put in considerable efforts in order to change for the better. You want help from the rich Chinese companies to help the Malays. I believe that some do but you should know that when it comes to business, time and opportunity waits for nobody to catch up. It's like asking Bolt, the top 100m racer, to slow down so that those behind can catch up. Oh come on. There's one thing I'm certain, the Malays will never catch up if they do not help themselves (I don't meant stealing from the rakyat of course). Survival of the fittest is where you get the best from the weak, which I'm sure you know. You already have the answer to the Malay problem ... attitude. Start from there. No amount of help from Chinese companies is going to help if the effort from within is not genuine and forthcoming. All my Malay friends have done exceptionally well, in fact better than me in many ways. And the only difference between them and the mass Malays today is that they didn't have the NEP to help them. They had the right attitude and knew that in order to excel, they had to work damm hard, and they certainly did. They didn't wait for crumbs to be given. So if they can do it, why not the rest??? The non-Malays have survived with the help of the NEP, many have done OK, not exceptionally well, but good enough not to be in the poverty segment for the past 30 years. Isn't there enough evidence for you to study and find out how without asking for a "101 manual" from them?? By the way, the non-Malays were not born with bigger brains ok. Once we all stop finding faults and who to blame but ourselves, then only we start to improve.

Anonymous said...
If the NEP for the past decades have not work, it means even though it's going to be retained for another 5 decades, it still won't work. If the policy makers continue to do the same and expecting a different result, that's called insanity.

HHalem said...
Dear Tuan Syed, Your brilliant suggestions should be fit together and be in tandem with the Institute Pemikiran Tun Mahathir. Now, who on earth should keep the ball rolling? Which Ministries should follow up? Human Resource? Intreprenuer? MARA? Pengajian Tinggi? Set up a Committe, comprehensive studies, budgets allocations, appoint a Con-Sultan. That will be what, say another 5 years. Anyway count me in. Im ON :-) HHalem

sampalee said...
All manifestations[including concepts]come in pairs of opposite[Yin and Yang] As one man's meat is anothers man's poison,why bother to play the game of duality churned out by our diachomatic intellectual mind. Is there hope then?Well the kithab points us to the Truth which is ABSOLUTE and is beyond all daulities[The hindu call it Advaita]Lord Jesus said,'Only the Truth can set you free' The wisdom for liberation is not in scholarstic pursuit,but have full faith in the kithab.

Anonymous said...
Mana komen yang kata " we need more Malays, thinking like you" dalam last posting? Tak da ka?

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